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Muse Autosport

Muse Autosport

Muse Autosport


Muse Autosport is a Vancouver based Imports automobile tuning facility located at the heart of Richmond, BC. With years of experience in performance and aftermarket modifications, we've built a showroom and workspace to create unique project cars based on our clients' individuality. Bringing their dream to reality.

Other than tuning and modification, we do preventive maintenance for all makes and models. So please contact us if you want to inquire about our services.


Aside from our own projects, We have been working with an artist, a genius of modifying Porsche's into a wide-body master piece. His name is Akira Nakai- san, of Rauh-Welt Begriff, aka RWB.

He has shocked the world with his wide body Porsche 911s. And we are happy to say, we are An official distributor of his work in Vancouver, BC Canada.


Other than just tuning and modifications, we also do preventative maintenance for all makes and models, from basic oil changes to brakes, tire rotations, tire mount and balance. So please give us a call or email us for more information on our services.