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West Coast Auto Lounge

West Coast Auto Lounge

West Coast Auto Lounge

We at WCAL, encompass ALL aspects of the automotive field. We DO NOT believe in stock cars, because to us, a stock car is nothing more than a blank empty canvas waiting to have a masterpiece created. Anyone can go out and buy a vehicle, but you and x number of people also own that vehicle. What makes it unique? What makes it YOUR vehicle? Well, that is where we come in.

From cosmetics, down to the nitty gritty work of engine tuning and show cars, we do it all, or we can help you do it all yourself!

If there's one thing that we here at WCAL bring to the field, is a true passion for what we do. We take the utmost pride in our name, our craftsmanship and our ability to take on any task at a fair, reasonable price.

We also offer gym style memberships of different grades to give you the opportunity to work on your own car, in a heated bay, with all the tools you could imagine. Not everyone has the capital to purchase a shop and all the tools they need to work on their vehicles; so we decided to do it for you!!

We're not out to make a quick buck and become millionaires over night, we're here to help people come to an understanding that their car does not NEED to be stock, nor do you need to take out a loan to change a tire...

We can:
-Mock build your car for you with our excellent graphic designer
-Give you professional input, giving you our experiences and ideas to create your ultimate vehicle
-Source out parts at overly competitive market prices
-Detailing and exclusive paint care services
-Towing services
-Vinyl cutting, plotting and wraps
-Gym style access to multiple bays equipped with hydraulic lifts and all the tools you may need for w.e you are doing
-Painting services and booth rentals
-Plexi glassed walls in the lounge allow you to overlook either techs or friends working on their vehicles
-Full Coffee bar serving appies and snacks and fresh drinks (Prices dependent on membership Levels)
-A dynometer for tuning but really its so when someone says you do not have the rWHP you claim, you got the paper to prove


Never hesitate to give us a call, email, text or just drop by and see us at our warehouse if you have any questions. Myself or one of my representatives will be more than happy to brew you a cup of coffee and sit down with you to discuss what you might be interested in, and see if we can't get the ball rolling on your brand new vehicle.

If you don't already own a car, we can also assist you in finding the one you want, and pre-building it to your specifications before you pick it up! It'll be like walking into a car lovers dream lot haha.

Trust us when we say, this is what we do, this is our passion, this is what we love, and this is what we live for.

If you can dream it, we can build it, together!