Calgary Registration Payment – DRIVEN – Canadian Aftermarket Autoshow Tour

Congrats for being accepted to compete in Driven Calgary 2018 Presented by Kal Tire and LLumar Canada

Registration fee is $80+GST.

  • Your registration is not confirmed until payment is made below.
  • 2 tickets included (Driven Ignition Friday, Driven Main Event Saturday, value $60), more available  online or when you arrive.
  • There are no refunds or swapping of vehicles, however we retain the right to turn away vehicles for whatever reason, in which case a refund may be given.
  • By making payment, you indemnify Driven, its owners and all contractors from all liability or losses as a result of participating

Please note: Driven Ignition on Friday makes Driven Calgary a 2 day event!!!

  • Driven Ignition opens the Roll-in to the public Friday night from 6pm to 10pm
  • Current concept for competitors eligible for Ignition: Vehicles will roll in through fog machines, lights and into an audience with an MC announcing your vehicle, your music choice, and a Model escorting you to your spot.
  • Vehicle criteria for participation in Driven Ignition will be provided shortly but will most likely be reserved for Clubs and Exhibitors only.


  • Roll-in will take place between 1 PM to 9 PM on Friday May 25th at Olympic Oval, however a specific schedule and map will be provide before the event.
    • Quiet roll in for exhibitors and service/support vehicles 1 to 6pm
    • Ignition 6pm to 9pm (no service/support vehicles)
  • Your vehicle must remain until awards ceremony is done on Saturday.
  • You must roll-in with your crew or you will not be parked together
  • No advertising or promoting of anything unless you are registered Exhibitor.  This includes business cards on windshields or For Sale Signs.
  • Once you arrive you must check in at the Registration table

More detailed roll-in instructions will be emailed out prior to the show.

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