Ever wondered what judges are looking for? We’ve compiled a general list to share.

  • Clean your vehicle. This cannot be stressed enough. A dirty car does not showcase a potential show car winner.
  • If you’re wanting to showcase your engine modifications, leave your hood up. If it’s closed, judges will assume regardless if they know the vehicle that it’s an OEM motor.
  • Wanting to state power? Dyno sheets. This is the only proof judges can see or use to determine this.
  • Have any specific modifications that you’d like judges to know of? Tell the judges looking at your vehicle. Things can be missed especially if there is no build sheet.
  • Compile a build list that the judges can read. Locking this in a car does not help your case. If your vehicles windows are up, they are going to assume you don’t want your interior judged and will not open your vehicle up without consent or door opened already.